What inspires you?  I am the eternal optimist.  Perhaps, it is in my nature, but I consistently try to look at the bright side of things and look for the good in people and in my surroundings.  I am inspired by words.  If you were to take a tour of my house, you would see words everywhere!  When I walk downstairs, I pass my wall of stone sayings.  I have quotes and positive reminders stuck to my bathroom mirror so that I see them at the start of each day.  For me, words are uplifting and inspirational.    It makes me feel happier to see these positive sayings on a daily basis. 

Flowers also inspire me.  I love the colors, the fragrence and the beauty of the flowers in my garden.  In my younger years, I didn't think I had the time for flowers or gardening.  When I hit a rough spot in my life, however, planting flowers and working in my garden became very therapeutic and healing.  As a result, I routinely keep fresh flowers in a vase in my living room so that I will see them as I pass by each day.  This too, makes me happy.

Identify the things that inspire you - that make you happy.  Surround yourself with those things and your days will be brighter.  Enjoy all that life has to offer and look for the best in others.  Inspiration is just the encouragement and motivation to be better than you might have been otherwise.  When you are inspired, you are able to inspire others.  Make a difference - who can you inspire today?