Whatever you do, do it with enthusiasm!  

In my work life, I was appointed to be the principal for a new middle school that was opening.  I took the time to meet with several groups of students to hear what they wanted their new school to look like and to be like.  We talked about all sorts of things and then I asked them, "If I could tell your teachers one thing that would make learning better for you, what would that be?"  I fully expected them to say, "No Homework!"  What they did say genuinely surprised me.  They said, "Please tell our teachers to act like they enjoy what they are doing.  We want them to be excited about what they are teaching!"  Who says you can't learn from children?  They wanted enthusiastic teachers.  Ones that had a passion not only for their subject area but for the children that they were teaching.  

Think about your environment.  Are you an enthusiastic employee?  An enthusiastic boss?  An enthusiastic parent?  An enthusiastic learner?  When you are excited about what you are doing, it is contagious.  You ignite others and change your environment.  I hope that you'll look for ways to bring a little enthusiasm into your life!